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This course is extremely beneficial for teenagers because it gives insight into business that is outside the scope of what school can and does teach. It allows you to make the necessary mistakes beforehand to truly be prepared for the future.
Jake Stephen
11th Greade
After taking a class like this, I am able to take my business to the next level. I can finally take my entrepreneurial experiences to the real world, and I never would have done so if it weren't for the mentorship and guidance.
Eli Plotkin
11th Greade

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Find Your North Star

Discover your strengths and how to leverage them to make you
career-ready .

Develop Your Brand

Find ways to stand out and showcase your skills and experiences to get noticed by universities and companies.

Make your Move

Prepare yourself to pitch, make that ask, book that meeting, and take charge of your future.

Get the tools To build your brand

Give yourself a new level of self awareness and understanding of where the world is heading and what skills you need to be ready for anything.


About Your Mentor

Michael Cohen, The Tech Rabbi

Michael Cohen aka The Tech Rabbi, is a designer, educator and creativity instigator. His mission is to help young people around the world reveal their own creative abilities so they can solve interesting problems and become positive contributors to our global society. He is the author of the book Educated By Design, which outlines his principles for revealing and nurturing our innate creative courage and capacity.

"Creativity isn't something you get, it's something you reveal."

Your Life, Your Job, Your Career: Build Your Professional Brand To Help You Succeed

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